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When is a Reverse Mortgage a Good Option?

Surveys suggest that the vast majority of seniors would like to stay in their own homes. Yet real estate is generally a family’s biggest asset, and not tapping into it can lead to a lower standard of living for the seniors involved, perhaps forcing them to sell earlier than necessary. The way to get money […]

When Does a Home Equity Loan Make Sense?

Home equity loans are so tempting. Every bank tries to sell them. If you’ve lived in your house for years, that amount can come to a very large sum. Plus, the line that “the interest may be tax deductible” is all too much. Yet the burst of the housing bubble revealed a very dangerous aspect. […]

When Does a Variable Rate Mortgage Make Sense?

When you expect interest rates to drop in the next five years, because you borrowed a time machine and checked. When you are house shopping, you often look at the price of the monthly payments faster than the cost of the house. After all, it is hard to wrap your head around paying tens or […]