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How Much is Too Much Student Loan Debt?

There are two basic categories of families in the United States. One is where most people have not gone to college. To them, a college education is the doorway to a better life, with wealth, an interesting career, and greater social standing. The other type of family is one in which most people have gone […]

What Does It Mean if a Loan is “Upside-down”?

It is said that new cars lose value as soon as you drive them off of the dealer’s lot, and for some reason it’s quite true. A new Dodge Grand Caravan can easily run you $25,000-30,000. The price dips to $20,000 just 20,000 miles later. One might argue that this is a good reason to […]

What Loans are Canceled When I Die?

Unlike corporations, individual lives do eventually end. When they do, their assets and debts become a temporary legal entity called an estate. How long the estate lives depends very much on what type of assets it holds and how they will be distributed. If the estate owns patent, the estate could be around for a […]