About Share Pick

I like writing and I like doing. I like working hard.

It’s almost like an addiction, really. Working hard. It’s one of those things that gets under your skin once you start doing it.

I’m John McNamara. I graduated middle of my class from a halfway decent college and then I got a pretty good job doing something a little bit interesting. For the last five years I’ve been running a few blogs online, as well. It turns out that’s what I like to do.

The pretty good job is in accounting. I do math for big companies. It’s usually dollars related, but sometimes we work in cents, too. It’s nothing special, really. It has taught me a lot about managing money, though. That comes in handy here, once in a while.

The last five years, though. That’s where the interesting stuff really kicks in. I woke up one morning about five years ago and decided that the regular day-to-day was a little bit empty. You wake up every day at the same time, run through the same morning routine, go to the same job and then come home and, usually, do the same things.

So I started looking into doing a bit more. I started out by taking up jogging. It feels good to run. So I became someone who runs. That was a bit interesting.

Then I decided to start investing for myself. Being an accountant prepares you for a little bit, but not all of it. Things change a bit when it’s your own money. You get a little bit more dedicated to the research. You get a bit more dedicated to making sure every single penny is being put to work best.

And then I decided to start writing.

So that’s pretty much it. Halfway decent college, pretty good job, a little bit of boredom, a few new hobbies, and then here we are.

Hopefully you enjoy the writing. If it’s not working out for you, you could always come for a run sometime.